This report presents a comprehensive analysis of "Phoenix Innovate: Rising Ideas, Bright Futures," a collaborative event organized by the BBA and BCA departments of Eminent College of Management and Technology in conjunction with the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) under AICTE. Held on May 24, 2023, the event aimed to foster entrepreneurial spirit among students by providing a platform for the presentation of innovative business ideas. Students from both departments participated, collectively showcasing a diverse range of business plans integrating business acumen with technological solutions. The judging process, conducted by a panel of faculty members, evaluated presentations based on criteria such as novelty, feasibility, clarity, risk management, financial projections, and potential for sustainable growth, ensuring fair assessment and constructive feedback. The collaborative efforts of BBA and BCA students underscored the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration in driving innovation and entrepreneurship, enriching the academic experience and emphasizing the importance of synergy between business and technology for future success and growth in the field.


The Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre, established in 1998 in Kolkata, India, has emerged as a cornerstone of excellence in eye care. With an unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive services irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds, the institution offers a diverse range of specialties, encompassing cataract surgery, refractive surgery, glaucoma treatment, cornea transplantation, retina services, pediatric ophthalmology, and oculoplasty. Beyond its clinical endeavors, Susrut is deeply immersed in research pursuits aimed at advancing the understanding and treatment of various ocular diseases. Moreover, through educational initiatives and fellowship programs, it fosters the growth of the next generation of ophthalmologists and healthcare professionals. Committed to community welfare, Susrut actively conducts outreach programs and eye screening camps to advocate for eye health and combat blindness within underserved populations. Endowed with cutting-edge technology and modern infrastructure, the Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre remains a revered destination for superior eye care, epitomizing a harmonious blend of expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication to service. During a recent low vision workshop at Eminent College of Management and Technology, Arya Banerjee, an optometrist in the low vision department, imparted hands-on knowledge to students, supported by Utsaa Jana, a training secretariat associate, and Sabarni Saraswati, a seasoned trainer, underlining Susrut's commitment to education and outreach.

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre

Before the vibrant festivities of Holi adorned the calendar, the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Department at our esteemed college orchestrated a delightful Rangoli competition on the 15th of March, within the serene confines of our campus premises. This colorful affair captivated the hearts and minds of our students, who eagerly embraced the opportunity to infuse their pre-Holi celebrations with the kaleidoscopic charm of Rangoli artistry.

The participation in this event was nothing short of enthusiastic, as students from all three respective academic years joyfully immersed themselves in the creative process, each eager to leave their unique mark on the canvas of tradition. With boundless zeal and artistic flair, they set about crafting intricate Rangolis, employing an array of vibrant colors, delicate petals, and a fusion of both to weave together mesmerizing patterns that mirrored the hues of a rainbow.

Under the discerning gaze of the judges, drawn from esteemed departments across the college, the Rangolis came to life, each stroke and design a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of our budding artists. Guided by the parameters set forth by the judges, who meticulously evaluated the Rangolis based on criteria that balanced precision, creativity, and aesthetic appeal, the competition unfolded as a celebration of artistic excellence and cultural heritage.

As the campus blossomed with an array of captivating Rangolis, each a testament to the boundless creativity and artistic prowess of our students, the spirit of camaraderie and festivity permeated the air. Beyond mere competition, this event served as a platform for students to showcase their talent, forge lasting bonds, and revel in the joyous anticipation of the colorful festivities that lay ahead. With hearts brimming with pride and faces adorned with smiles, the participants embraced the spirit of Holi, their Rangolis serving as vibrant expressions of joy, unity, and the timeless allure of tradition.

Rangoli Image

On the 21st of March, a pivotal date marked on the calendar of the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Department at our esteemed college, witnessed a transformative event aimed at enriching the practical skills and knowledge base of our students. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Janmajay Singh, Senior Area Sales Manager at Becton and Dickinson Private Limited, a hands-on training session on phlebotomy was meticulously organized, heralding a new era of experiential learning and professional development for our budding laboratory technicians.

This immersive training initiative, tailored specifically for the second and first-year students, represented a cornerstone in our academic curriculum, offering invaluable opportunities for students to engage in real-world practices and refine their technical expertise. Scheduled to occur four times throughout the academic year, this session served as a beacon of experiential learning, bridging the gap between theory and practice and equipping students with the practical acumen necessary for success in the field of medical laboratory sciences.

The palpable excitement and anticipation among the students underscored the significance of this hands-on training endeavor, as they eagerly prepared to immerse themselves in the intricacies of phlebotomy under the expert tutelage of Mr. Janmajay Singh. As the session unfolded, students were afforded the rare opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in a practical setting, gaining firsthand experience in venipuncture techniques, specimen collection, and handling procedures.

Mr. Singh's wealth of industry experience and profound insights served as a guiding light for our students, illuminating the nuances of phlebotomy practice and instilling a deep appreciation for the importance of precision, accuracy, and patient care. Through informative lectures, interactive demonstrations, and hands-on practice sessions, students were empowered to hone their skills, overcome challenges, and cultivate a sense of confidence in their abilities.

The impact of this hands-on training on our students was profound and far-reaching, as they emerged from the session not only enlightened by newfound knowledge but also emboldened by a sense of professional readiness and competence. As they continue on their academic journey, armed with the practical skills and insights garnered from this transformative experience, our students stand poised to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of medical laboratory sciences, embodying the spirit of excellence and innovation that defines our institution.

Best Practices in Phlebotomy

The ECMT SUMMER WALL MAGAZINE 2024 has been held on 12.03.2024. All the students from 4 respective departments, i.e .BBA, BBA (HM), BCA & B.OPTOMETRY were classified into four groups. Firstly BCA department had published their wall magazine ‘’TECHNIX’’, secondly BBA under the name of ‘’VISION”, thirdly BBA(HM) under the name of ‘’HEALTH+’’ and lastly B.Optom under the name of ‘’IMAGE INATION’’. This summer edition, the theme of TECHNIX was "Artificial intelligence", the theme for HEALTH + was "Surrogacy", the theme for VISION was "Incredible India", and lastly for IMAGE INATION were "Myopia Management" and "Computer Vision Syndrome".

The wall magazines were a light to knowledge. On the wall, there were various posters, diagrams, pictures, tables, statements, etc. The students had worked really hard. All the faculty members were present there. They judged the wall magazine very well and the students were successful for their hard efforts. Their performance was very remarkable and worthy and undoubtedly informative and helpful for all.


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